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For Survivors

Dermatology Consultation

As a survivor of sexual assault or intimate partner violence, you are not alone in what happened to you, or in how you feel. There are people who care about what you have endured and what you are going through now. Assault is never the fault of the victim. You are not to blame for what another person has done to you.

In Utah, sexual assault occurs when a person intentionally touches a non-consenting person's intimate body parts or forces a non-consenting person to touch intimate body parts. Not participating, saying no, or being in an altered state is considered non-consenting. Sexual assault may result in health risks such as sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy, and long-term health consequences.

Strangulation occurs whenever a person impeeds the air or blood flow resulting in a lack of oxygen to vital tissues. This could be suffocation, pressure to the chest/diaphragm, pressure to the neck, or ligature. Any of these could result in serious long-term health risks and should be medically evaluated.


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