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Services We Offer 

Things to Consider

The following activities should be considered  if you are seeking an exam but will not prevent attempted DNA collection during a medical-forensic exam as analysis techniques have greatly improved.
Exams can be performed up to 6 days post assault or longer if pain or visible injury persists
Avoid bathing/showering 
Avoid eating and drinking (If within 24 hrs of the assault)
Bring any clothing worn at the time of the assault
You can bring a support person with you to the exam

Our Services

Southwest Forensic Nursing & Healthcare is a female, nurse-owned nonprofit organization that provides 24/7/365 on-call coverage to St. George Regional Hospital. Our team offers forensic nursing services to patients who present with complaints related to sexual violence, intimate partner violence, and/or strangulation.

  • The on-call specialty-trained nurse provides one on one care, in collaboration with the hospital providers and community advocates, to perform a medical-forensic examination. This exam focuses on the healthcare needs of the patient but also provides forensic evidence collection to support legal processes chosen by the patient. These detailed exams can take anywhere from 90 minutes to several hours based on patient needs, number of injuries, and interventions required.

  • A forensic nurse provides trauma-informed and patient-centered healthcare while obtaining swabs for DNA analysis, medical-forensic photography, and evidence collection and packaging.

  • The medical record is very detailed and supports any future legal proceedings as well as ongoing follow-up care.

  • Our team connects each patient to additional community resources and assists them with prescription filling, making follow-up appointments, and recommended testing to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections or unwanted pregnancy. The team also collaborates with local resources to offer emergency shelter, safety planning, and suicide prevention.

All of our services are offered at no cost to our patients and the services are paid through a variety of donations, grant funding, and crime victims reparations.

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